Yomimono #16 – now available!

Yomimono #16 features cover art created by Kyushu expat Michelle Zacharias. Of her work, the artist says that no preliminary sketches are made. “The artwork grows organically and then finally dictates when a piece is finished or not.” This is from a piece called “Celebration,” created with colored pencils, watercolors, and gesso on wood panels.

This issue also includes writing by Nepalese filmmaker/writer Sushma Joshi, self-proclaimed “international party boy” Marcus Bird, poet and novelist David Galef, and others.

Here are some first lines from stories and poems:

“I did not mean to sell you.”

“If the ant had not bitten Mrs. Mathur on the back of her ample thigh, perhaps none of this would have happened.”

“It was New Year’s morning in the city of Sapporo, in northern Japan.”

“My twin brother and I carved out together a cave in the snow.”

“Mamoko slid the slender ink stick forward then backward, making sure that her even strokes made no ripples in the jet black liquid in the shallow well of her ink stone, just like he had taught her.”

“I was halfway between a juvenile/delinquent and an old degenerate.”

“I don’t like to sleep.”

“She had never spoken, she did not speak.”

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