Poetry Reading

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 7:00 sharp
Poetry Flash at Cody’s:

Tung-Hui Hu, a San Francisco-based writer on film and new media, has just published his second book of poems, Mine (Ausable Press); his first was The Book of Motion (Contemporary Poetry Series, University of Georgia Press). Mark Doty says of Mine, “This fresh and unexpected poet extends the lyric into social space without losing any of song’s intensity or mystery, so that these casually elegant, arresting poems feel as interior as they are worldly.”
Mari L’Esperance, who was born in Kobe, Japan and raised in Guam and California, won the 2007 Prairie Schooner Prize in Poetry for her first full-length book of poems The Darkened Temple, forthcoming in fall 2008 from the University of Nebraska Press. Widely published in literary journals and author of the award-winning chapbook Begin Here, she is a graduate of New York University’s Creative Writing program where she was a New York Times Company Foundation Creative Writing Fellow.
CODY’S BOOKS, 1730 Fourth Street, Berkeley, (510) 559-9500.
For information: (510) 525-5476, www.poetryflash.org.


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